Do you qualify for free windscreen repair?

My insurance company says I must use their nominated supplier…

“Sorry Madam, we can’t repair your windscreen because the chip is within 5cm of the edge of the screen.”

“Sorry Sir, we can’t repair your windscreen because it has heating elements in it.”

“I’m afraid it’s against the law to repair in the drivers vision area.”

“The British Standard doesn’t allow repairs over 10mm on the drivers side.”

“Sorry Sir, we can’t repair that chip because it’s within 50mm of another repair.”

“We can’t repair a windscreen chip with legs on it as it may crack.”

“Its too small to repair.”

In fact you could have spoken to a screen replacement company when you rang your insurer. Windscreen companies have staff working at insurance companies and also sometimes run the so-called “glass helplines” and will answer the phone in the name of your insurer.

Naturally the “advice” given by such “help lines” is biased and sometimes misleading. (We have spent 15 minutes discussing damage size of a “£5 coin” with a phone operative just to demonstrate that they had no idea what they were talking about). It was an overseas call centre! They had never even seen our currency!

You are under no legal obligation to use the nominated supplier. Insurers would rather you did so because they have negotiated special discounts for screen replacements and have billing arrangements already in place. The more business they place with the nominated supplier the more kickback they get.  The Competition Act 1998 outlaws restrictive practices of this kind.

It’s an MOT failure, will the insurance companies nominated screen company repair it?

NO! It is “against their guidelines” to repair damage over 10mm diameter in the drivers vision area, (but naturally they will not volunteer this information unless asked, so you end up at their depot when they tell you it “needs a new screen”). This will cost you the £75 excess if you fall for this scam.

Just used the service for a fairly deep scratch on my BMW 630 caused by road debris. Although mainly cosmetic all the so called 'big boys' refused to even consider a repair and wanted £500+ for a new screen! After 40 mins of careful work the scratch is gone and you simply could not tell it had ever been there! Amazing job and a fraction of the cost of a new screen.....highly recommend this service to anyone - you would be a fool to use anyone else

Mr C Hemel Hempstead 8.3.13.

“We’ve just had your chap repair the window on our Polo, I’d just like to tell you that he’s an asset to your firm, and what a thoroughly nice chap and what an amazing professional job he did. I’d just like to pass that on to you, and we will certainly sing your praises to anyone who will listen"

S.K. Guildford VW Polo 5.3.08

“Just wanted to let you know that I recieved a full refund cheque from Hastings Direct within a few days of sending off the form. Thanks”

17.02.10  Mrs A P Perivale London Chip in drivers vision on Ford Heated screen.