Windscreen chip repair cost

cost of a windscreen chip

its not loadsamoney!

Glass Doctors come to you at home or work so there is no Windscreen chip repair cost or call out charge unless you mis-describe the damage. We do need to ask you about your damage first so we can make sure it is likely to be repairable so we do not waste our time or your money. We take Cash, Cheque and cards via our iZettle machine, ( but we will need a mobile phone signal.)



The easiest way to do this is via our contact form, you should also upload a photo of the damage here for us to inspect. When uploading a photo please ensure that the damage is easy to see and that you have a coin or tape measure present in the photograph so we can appreciate the scale. TIP: Put your finger or coin next to the chip so the camera will focus ON the chip not THROUGH it, so we don’t get a picture of the dashboard.

We guarantee that your chip will not crack within 1 year after we repair it for you provided it is under 20 mm diameter and no one else has tried to repair it before us. We also offer a “lifetime warranty”, which means we will guarantee your repair against cracking out past the original damage  for as long as you own the car. This windscreen chip repair cost an extra £10 (excl VAT) at the time of the repair and covers the original car owner who paid for the repair only.

Chip and Crack Repair Prices

windscreen chip repair cost

Don’t increase your windscreen repair cost by being conned by your insurer into believing that chips near the edge like this cant be repaired

  • £60 (excl VAT) for the first chip on the screen
  • £10 (excl VAT) for an additional chips on the screen in the same visit.
  • £10 (excl VAT) for our lifetime warranty.
  • £10 (excl VAT) surcharge for re-repairing another companies mess.
  • £35 (excl VAT) Admiral, Direct Line, UK Ins Group policyholders ( this is not a booked appointment, you wait till we are next in your area )

Scratch Repair Repair Prices

  • £70-£120 (excl VAT) for polishing scratches (minimum of £100 for front screen)

Out of Hours Repair Surcharges

We can repair your windscreen in the summer evenings and on Saturday.

We are willing to work outside of normal office hours and at weekends, but these carry increased windscreen repair costs. If you would like us to work these hours then there are additional surcharges for doing so.

  • £10 for working at the weekend (between 9 am and 5pm).
  • £10 for working outside standard office hours (9 am – 5 pm)
  • £20 for working outside standard office hours at the weekend (outside 9 am – 5pm on Saturday or Sunday)

Additional windscreen chip repair costs

  • £10 for working at height ( coaches 4×4 cars and vans )

    £10 for Windscreens with Camera safety Systems installed ( typically late Prestige cars, Volvo, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Tesla

    £40/hour for any unnecessary waiting caused by waiting for order numbers, keyholders, keys, authority/authorization documents or attending company safety sessions or briefings.

    We also charge £10 for call outs that are unrepairable due to incorrectly described damage particularly previously repaired chips regardless of whether the customer knew whether they were previously repaired or not. If you book us to do your job we make time in our diary for you on that day. This means we may turn other jobs away so we can get to you or structure other calls around your job.

    If you book us and then decide later that you wish to cancel because your insurance company has said you can only use the nominated supplier or for some other reason then a £30 cancellation charge may be levied for windscreen chip repair costs.

  • “I strongly recommend this guy – he was very helpful… well worth a go (and no -i’m not on commission)"

    Ben C Vauxhall VX 220 owners club – 01.10.07

    "Superb next day service. I cannot even find the chip! Would recommend to anyone."

    Paul, Kingston 25.02.15

    "Darren came out to repair a scratched windscreen within two hours of being callled and he did a fantastic job!"

    Mr S.T. Aylesbury 14.01.15