Will my windscreen chip pass its MOT?

8.4% of cars normally fail the MOT on windscreens.

Windscreen inspections have been part of the annual MOT test since 1993. We were instrumental in advising the Department of Transport on the MOT rules and we bring that knowledge and expertise when we repair your windscreen.

There are clear rules about what must be repaired in different parts of your windscreen, particularly the part that is swept by your windscreen wipers.

Did you know? The suppliers most recommended by your insurance company will refuse to repair your MOT failure! Glass Doctors guarantee that all standard repairs will pass because we are able to make them “barely detectable” as required by the MOT testers manual.We can’t guarantee that one of our repairs will pass the MOT if it is oxidised (milky) or contaminated by dirt. If you have an windscreen repair MOT failure within the guarantee period and you replace the screen just send us the replacement bill and we will refund our repair charge in full.

MOT windscreen repair

MOT windscreen repair

What damage could fail the MOT?

  • Damage larger than 10mm will fail in the drivers line of vision. Marked Zone “A” above
  • Damage larger than 40mm will fail in the rest of the swept area Marked Zone “B” above.
  • Significant scratching that impairs the drivers vision


  •  If a chip is in the drivers line of vision, it only has to be bigger than 10mm for your windscreen to fail its MOT.
  • The MOT testers manual says “any damage not contained within a circle of 10mm” so a cluster of minor damage could also fail the MOT for Windscreen repairs.

“I can hardly see it, I’m really chuffed” S.C. Audi TT owner with 12mm chip directly in drivers line of vision"

Pinner Middx – 18.11.07

“You’re another David Blaine!”

M.S. Porsche 911 London – 3.11.07

“thanks for excellent work, as expected”

Mr C P,  Rickmansworth, owner of Peugeot with heat reflective and water sensitive screen with a £1 coin sized star in the outer black section 2″ from the edge of the screen. Nominated supplier were unable to do it. £75 excess saved for the customer.  25.8.11