We want you as one of our windscreen repair fleet partners

Glass Doctors are world leaders in windscreen repair technology.

“If you are not using Glass Doctors to repair your screens you are wasting money.”

Here’s why …


Glass Doctors do the repairs others can’t, won’t or have simply tried and failed; which means our service is more cost effective to you because we convert replacements into cost effective repairs. (Remember every screen saved is worth an average of £150 to you.)

  • We’ve been repairing screens since 1988 using a patented system
  • We don’t sell new screens (no promises of repair with the intention of replacing)
  • We regularly check your vehicles and report damage to you before they can crack.


Our patented equipment and methods are the most advanced in the world, therefore we can tackle what others can’t…

  • Wet breaks (did you know over 50% of chips have water in them!)
  • Star breaks ( we have technology that allows us to get resin right into the star legs)
  • Cracks (less than 2 inches with unique dual cure repair resin)
  • Repairs on all areas of the windscreen (especially MOT failures)


  • A Glass Doctors repair is barely detectable ( It doesn’t look the same as when we started)
  • With a clear pit flush to the surface (that won’t go yellow and fall out in a few days)
  • All parts of the repair filled with resin (no bubbles left in the chip where resin couldn’t penetrate)


  • Same or next day service
  • We deal with most UK insurers directly or by pay and reclaim
  • Scratch removal for wiper arcs and ice scraper marks (regular customers only)

Which Means Less Replacements and More Savings!

“thank you.Great Job. cheque in todays post”

3. 09. 09 Mrs K L Audi A4 Brockett Hall

“thats great, you’d never know!”

16.04.10 Mrs L. High Wycombe Bucks Newly purchased BMW with a chip 2″ from the edge

"Superb next day service. I cannot even find the chip! Would recommend to anyone."

Paul, Kingston 25.02.15