Windscreen Repair – How it Works

Windscreen repair is a cheap but proven alternative to replacing damaged windscreens. A windscreen repair is accomplished by injecting a specially formulated liquid resin into the damaged area. The resin is then cured with UV light to make a structural bond with the glass and then scraped flat to the surface of the glass and polished to restore structural strength and clarity to the glass.

Windscreen repair is performed without destroying the windscreens factory’s safety seal. This seal holds the windscreen securely in place during collisions and that ensures the airbag will deploy properly. Using our method you can also expect to…

  • Restore structural integrity to damaged glass (prevents cracking out)
  • Improve clarity by 80% or more in damaged area
  • Help the environment, as windscren repair extends the useful life of the glass ( old windscreens are not normally  recycled)
  • Save money on windscreen replacement (£250 new vs £72 repair )
  • Pass the MOT
  • Prevent a risky windscreen replacement that might leak or cause wind whistles

“where was it? Thats bloody amazing! ”

18.03.10 Mr J G. Windlesham Surrey ’59 plate BMW 118D. customer callout arranged by local BMW main dealer.

“Thank you very much, great job,”

Mr M H Boxmoor, Fiat Punto with two stars close together that had been refused by national supplier. 21. 09. 10

"its almost a pleasure getting a chipped windscreen" Used Darren for the second time now. he came out within an hour of phoning, did a great job in just 10 minutes, and the price was good too. A very friendly chap, it's almost a pleasure getting a chipped windshield! Almost.

Nick from Oxford 10.12.13.