Windscreen Crack Repair

Windscreen cracks collect and retain dirt and debris, which could leave the repaired area more visible after repair, so for the best possible repair results, call us to perform our expert windscreen repair as soon as possible.

Cracks at the edge of your windscreen are a Glass Doctors specialty. Most repair companies cannot match the results we achieve as they do not have the specially strengthened crack repair resin we use to withstand the stress of long crack repair. Our special repair resin cures under the windscreen edge rubber to maximise the bonding strength – without the need for UV to cure it!

“Unless you intentionally seek it out, this miniscule mark is now pretty much invisible. A job well done and all for £60″

Car Magazine – Sept 2007

“I’m immensely impressed, I thought you would still see it”

G.F. Mazda owner 2″ vertical crack. Maidenhead – 7.1.08

"Thanks so much for your help, really pleased it worked as well as it had!"

Mr M.M. Surrey Peugeot 308 with scratched side window 24.06.15