Windscreen Chip Repair

Glass Doctors are able to repair approximately 95% of the windscreens that we inspect. A windscreen replacement firm may say, “it’s less than 2 inches from the edge” or “we can’t repair chips in the A Zone” or “it’s got cracks in it so it will split anyway,” but as a windscreen repair firm committed only to repairing your windscreen we are happy to say that if the damaged area on your windscreen can be covered by a £1 coin, the chances are that we can repair it for you.

Call Glass Doctors and talk to one of our skilled technicians for personalised advice on your damaged windscreen. We have no call-out fee as we can tell in 95% of all cases whether your windscreen is repairable over the telephone! Once repaired, the damage should be barely visible – no more intrusive in your line of vision than a dried up rain spot, if you catch it early enough so act quickly.

Can I Repair My Own Chipped or Cracked Windscreen? Would you fix your own teeth if you had a drill?

Probably not… so why people think they can repair their own windscreens after watching a 20 minute video is bizarre!

We see many DIY kit “repairs” during the working day, (some even carried out by German Prestige main dealers!)

  • Many “repairs” still have water in them because the repairer could not recognise it or remove it (Fact: 50% of windscreen breaks have residual water in them betwen November and February.)
  • Many DIY resins just go yellow and fall out just days or weeks after they have been used. (Even if they have passed the British Standard!)
  • Many DIY kit repairers cannot manipulate a break so that the resin gets into every crack (therefore the cracks are not bonded back together as they should be and the screen could still crack out.)
  • We have sucessfully re-repaired many chips that have been attempted by others. Just to show customers how it should be done.

Remember: You only really get one chance to repair a screen properly, and the sooner the better, why risk your £300 windscreen to save £5 or trust a company who also fits screens as well ?

“Fantastic service, amazing result!! Polite and professional staff, i would recommend to all, everyday of the week!!!thank you”

Citroen Saxo owner with third party only cover 10.09.11

Very impressed with the prompt, efficient professional service. The repair was fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend Glass Doctors to anyone.

Mr R.A. Ford Focus Owner 31.05.2011

“I’m immensely impressed, I thought you would still see it”

G.F. Mazda owner 2″ vertical crack. Maidenhead – 7.1.08