Did you know that it takes as much CO2 gas to drive to from London to Birmingham as it does to make one average car laminated windscreen?

A glass furnace is used for 24 hours a day and consumes a massive amount of energy; 605 kg of CO2 for every 1000kg of glass produced. That’s over half of the weight of the glass itself going up in smoke and using our valuable resources!

Only a windscreen chip service that saves the screens that would have normally been replaced is a truly green service. 80% of windscreen cracks emanate from damage in the outer 2″ of the screen, so…

…if your windscreen repairer cant or wont do damage around the edge of the screen then they are missing 80% of possible savings.

Out of the remaining 20%, approximately half are MOT failures ( over 10mm in Zone A ) which again are NOT repaired by the large replacement companies.

Windscreen repair instead of replacement is the green alternative every time! and only Glass Doctors are able to repair over 84% of all front windscreen damage

Why replace 7 square feet of glass when you can repair one square inch?

Call Glass Doctors now on 07836 709244 to arrange your windscreen repair.

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