Glass Doctors special offer

If you are insured with Amlin, Hastings, Admiral (Elephant, Diamond, Bell ), Direct Line ( Churchill, Privilige, Tesco, NIG*, Ford Insure ) then Glass Doctors offer a special rate to allow you to get your screen fixed and not have to claim through your insurance company which could affect future premiums ( note: that this is different from losing your no claims bonus which normally will remain unaffacted )

If you are insured with Amlin and Hastings you will have to pay an excess of £60-£150 EVEN FOR A CHIP REPAIR  ( which negates cover for chips.) So why not let Glass Doctors repair your screen at the special rate?

Most insurers now ask policyholders to declare any windscreen claims when renewing. If you do not declare any windscreen claims ( even chips) the insurer could register you as in breach of your policy terms and conditions and this record will be sent to the Claims Underwriting Exchange database ( CUE ) and your insurance record will be compromised.

Avoid all this hassle and get a higher quality repair by asking Glass Doctors to repair your screen for nearly the same as the excess cost £35.00 (plus vat)

Please mention this special offer when booking your vehicle with us to qualify. ( not when we turn up )

This offer does not give any priority over other jobs and we will complete this job only when we are next in your area. If you want to choose a time to suit you then normal rates apply.

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