Problem: My present windscreen suppliers just give me excuses rather than repairs.

Beware! If your current supplier brings a replacement screen when they come to “do a repair”, chances are you are paying for more replacement screens than you need to be!

The most important statistic to consider when comparing costs is The repair ratio!

So how can Glass Doctors be cheaper at £60 per repair when a windscreen replacement company only charge £30 ? … see how it pans out over 10 repairs…

Windscreen Co. (£30 per repair)  Glass Doctors (£60 per repair)

Repaired 1 @ £30 = £30 Repaired 7 @ £60 = £420

Replaced 9 @ £150 = £1350 Replaced 3 @ £150 = £450

——— ———-

TOTAL COST £1380 £ 870

——— ———-

Savings for every 10 windscreens……………………£510 (that’s more than a monkey!)


Even though Glass Doctors are charging double the amount per repair, the fact that they do more repairs and do them to a better standard is the key factor in determining overall cost savings.

Use Glass Doctors and save, because there is no replacement for our repairs!

Important note to Fleet and Claims Managers.

Who is inflating all the pies?

Make sure any increased “repair ratio” is not at the expense of the overall total of claims. Magically you are getting 20% of your glass repaired but when you look at the figures the total has increased by 20%! Ensure the repaired slice of the pie increases not the whole pie itself!

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