The UK Windscreen Chip Repair Experts for 27 years

Is your windscreen crack or chip less than the size of a £1 coin?  Then let Glass Doctors do your windscreen repair today.

Why risk it cracking whilst you wait 2 weeks for your insurers to repair your windscreen?! Call us today!

Windscreen repair is not a commodity, it’s not the same from one company to the next because it takes a high degree of skill to repair your windscreen properly.

Don’t assume you will get a quality repair from the company your insurance company send to repair your windscreen because they just buy in bulk from the cheapest supplier. ( They train their technicians in just an afternoon, then they let them loose on your car!)

Did you know the UK’s major insurance groups have no guarantee on their windscreen repair ?! 

You can pay a £25 excess for a repair and it may still crack and you have no come back when the resin turns yellow and falls out in a few weeks!  Why risk a bad repair with no guarantee? So if you are with Amlin, Hastings, Direct Line ( Churchill, Tesco, Privilege, NIG  or any UK Ins Group Co.), Admiral ( Elephant, Diamond or any EIS Group Co.) see our special offer here

Glass Doctors are a UK company so our profits don’t get siphoned off to a Caribbean tax haven

like the Windscreen supplier your insurer may send you to. We can repair MOT chips in the drivers vision unlike most insurer nominated windscreen companies. We can even re-repair insurance bodge-ups. We also repair double chips, small surface pits, glass scratches and chips less than 50mm from the edge of the screen, unlike some companies that will tell you its “illegal” and try and sell you a new screen that will cost your No Claims Bonus. We don’t ask you loads of silly irrelevant questions from a script, and you can speak to the person who will actually do the job rather than a clueless call centre drone.

We see many badly done “free” insurance windscreen repairs that we wanted to warn people of it

before the damage is done to their windscreen. Many so called “repairs” are useless because they have not rebuilt the strength of the screen or hidden the damage. Most are done by windscreen companies just to try and stop anyone doing it properly in the future. Remember,  you have the right to choose who works on your car, so it’s better to pay us and reclaim it from your insurer than risk a bad windscreen chip repair because it was “free”. Its safer to just leave it than let them try and crack it so they can sell you a new screen!

“Thank you for repairing the windscreen again and getting to me so fast. It was quiet interesting watching how it is done and is really very good how you did it”

7.8.09. Mr T F Hemel Hempstead visitor from Austria with 1 day old chip 2″ from edge of screen on Kia Sportage

“thank you.Great Job. cheque in todays post”

3. 09. 09 Mrs K L Audi A4 Brockett Hall

“Thank you very much, great job,”

Mr M H Boxmoor, Fiat Punto with two stars close together that had been refused by national supplier. 21. 09. 10